Luxury Santa Fe Hotels


One of the five star Luxury Santa Fe Hotels that are recommended to try if you are planning to live in Luxury during your vacation is the La Posada de Santa Fe, not just a hotel but a luxury resort and spa that features one hundred and fifty seven rooms in adobe style. This hotel was rebuild and re-opened in 1999 and was original built in the 1800's. Now restored to its original Victorian elegance, La Posada is one of the Luxury Santa Fe hotels that offer the whole package with a art collection valued in the multi-millions, a fitness center, resort and spa, and a local shuttle available to guests, as well as a gourmet restaurant. At the heart of the oldest capitol city in the United States is the Inn and Spa at Loretto, a luxury hotel that is close to shopping, dining and many different … [Read more...]

Santa Fe Hotels on the Plaza


La Fonda on the plaza is the epitome of Santa Fe hotels on the plaza, with access to the Sweeney Convention Center and the Georgia O'Keefe Museum as well as the wonderful park that is right there in plaza square. You can also visit the newly renovated Railroad District and the shopping, and food as well as the nightlife in this tourist area. The La Fonda isn't just a hotel either, but includes a spa and the architecture speaks of the centuries old city of Santa Fe. It is located at the very end of the Santa Fe trail and is decorated with Southwestern and Spanish art. Inn of the governors is another great inclusion in Santa Fe hotels on the Plaza. In the heart of the city is this historic hotel, known not only for its beautiful architecture and décor, but also for the many amenities that … [Read more...]

Recommended Downtown Santa Fe Hotels


Eldorado Hotel & Spa There are many great downtown Santa Fe hotels, but one of the very best is the Eldorado Hotel and Spa, a pet friendly hotel that has higher than average rates, but with such a luxurious setting it is a small price to pay. The Eldorado is one of the most beautiful hotels in downtown with spa, facial and massage services and many other amenities and is just a block or two away from some of the best places to visit in downtown like the Santa Fe Plaza, the Performing Arts Center and the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, as well as the huge park within the historic Plaza area. Inn of the Governors The Inn of the Governors is another great listing of downtown Santa Fe hotels, which is located right in the heart of Santa Fe. This is one of the best hotels in town, but it is … [Read more...]

Downtown Santa Fe Restaurants


One of the best downtown Santa Fe Restaurants is Torrinos @ home, a cafe and bistro that is a reminder of one that you would find in a European cobblestone street. It is open for both breakfast and lunch, and features Italian food at tiny tables in the walking area of an large indoor shopping center. They offer homemade cuisine at great prices and you order at the counter. This delightful cafe offers some of the best Italian food in New Mexico, and is located on Don Gaspar, right inside the entrance of the Santa Fe Village Mall. Second on our list of the best downtown Santa Fe restaurants is the Vicino Wood Oven Pizza and Brewery, another Italian place, and a contemporary trattorias, which more locations than just in Santa Fe. The delightful menu includes pizzas that are handmade … [Read more...]

Tips to Stay Safe When Choosing Cheap Santa Fe Hotels


There is nothing wrong with trying to save money on hotel rates when visiting New Mexico, but you need to be careful not to put yourself and your family in a compromising situation when choosing cheap Santa Fe hotels. Although the city is full of friendly and kind people, there are some bad parts of town and some hotels that you should simply stay away from, no matter how cheap their rates are. Finding safe and cheap Santa Fe hotels isn't that difficult however, if you just follow a few simple guidelines when checking out hotels. First, avoid hotels that have a lot of people just hanging outside their hotel rooms, as there are some hotels that rent by the week and tend to have more drug and alcohol activity, crime and fighting than other parts of town. A good indication that a hotel should … [Read more...]

The Best Things to do in Santa Fe


One of the first recommendations of the best things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the Ten Thousand Waves attraction. This Japanese Health Spa is not what it appears to be. It is a wonderful spa and place to relax, but it is also a great place to take the family for the included hot springs and geyser. It is located on Hyde Park Road, and is one of the best things to do in Santa Fe, and they offer a wide variety of hot baths including private, women's, communal and group. The Ten Thousand Waves also offers spa services and massage, and does offer discounts so you can save money. The Santa Fe Balloon Company is one of the most highly rated by customer's entry on the best things to do in Santa Fe. Owned and operated by pilot Johnny Lewis, the Santa Fe Balloon Company offers hot air … [Read more...]

Cuisine Offered in the Top Santa Fe Restaurants


There are many great restaurants in Santa Fe, and an incredible array of cuisines that traverse the entire globe. One of the top choices if La Pasqual which is on Water Street, offering New Mexican Cuisine and highly rated by customers. However, there are also many other restaurants in the area that are popular with customers that offer traditional fare from the area like Tomasita's Restaurant on Guadalupe Street and offering better prices than Pasqual's, as well as Harry's Roadhouse on Old Las Vegas Highway. There is more to Santa Fe restaurants than just New Mexican and local cuisine however. There are some of the top Santa Fe restaurants in the downtown area near the Plaza, which features a park and shopping nearby as well as many of the best hotels in Santa Fe, that run the gamut … [Read more...]

Santa Fe Hotels Near Plaza Attractions


If you are looking for Santa Fe hotels near Plaza attractions there are several. The Santa Fe Plaza is one of the most historic sites in the country, befitting a city that is the oldest capital in the United States. Santa Fe was founded in 1607 by Spanish Conquistadors and many of the building that make up the Plaza have been there almost since the city was started. When you stay in Santa Fe hotels near Plaza Park and the attractions, you'll feel as if you have gone back in time whenever you leave the hotel to visit the restaurants, shops and nearby museums and galleries within the Plaza. One of the Santa Fe hotels near Plaza buildings is the Hilton. Hilton is a name that is well recognized for quality and luxury and the Santa Fe hotel is no exception. Just a block from the Santa … [Read more...]

Things to do in Santa Fe with Kids


One of the most unique things that you can do in Santa Fe with kids is to visit El Rancho de las Golondrinas, which is outside of Santa Fe, so you may need to rent a car to get there, but it is well worth  it, as this listing of things to do in Santa Fe with kids is a recreation of a small village that was the last stop on the El Camino Real before travelers got to Santa Fe between 1600 and 1800. When you arrive you'll be transported back in time, with the original restored building and staff in costume from that period of time, in a quiet and charming excursion to several hundred years in New Mexico's past. One of the most fun things to do in Santa Fe with kids is the Santa Fe Children's Museum, which is specifically designed for kids. It is located at 1050 Old Pecos Trail in Santa Fe, … [Read more...]

Fun Things to do in Santa Fe


If you are looking for another historical incursion our second feature on things to do in Santa Fe  is the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, which is located right on the Plaza downtown near shopping, restaurants and galleries, as well as other tourist attractions. This museum is completely kid friendly, and in fact, will give you a children's book about Georgia O'Keefe after paying your admission fee. It also has a wonderful collection of exhibits featuring much of New Mexico's history with a gift shop that has postcards and collectibles. The Farmer's Market on Paseo de Peralta is one of the most fun things to do in Santa Fe, with music and amazing produce and gifts. You may have to walk a couple of blocks to get there as there is no close parking, but getting access to all of the amazing things … [Read more...]